eBay recently rolled out its handbag authentication service in the UK. The service, which verifies the authenticity of luxury handbag brands sold on the marketplace, follows hot on the heels of its sneaker and watch authentication services launched last year and the more recent trading card service.

The authentication services are designed to enhance levels of consumer trust. But there are also benefits to the seller. These include vetting all returns and ensuring luxury items are not swapped for counterfeits.

After the sneakers and watch authentication services launch, eBay saw a multi-million pound uplift in sales across those categories. In what is already a buoyant market, eBay will be hoping to see a similar uplift in handbag sales on the marketplace.

Handbag sales on eBay

  • A handbag sells on eBay UK every 15 seconds.
  • The most searched for luxury handbag brands on eBay include Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Gucci.
  • 65% of handbags sold on the marketplace are pre-loved.

Speaking to journalists, Kirsty Keoghan, Director of Luxury Goods at eBay UK, said, “We know that luxury shoppers already come to eBay to get their hands on hard-to-get items through to luxe brands. With the introduction of authenticity guarantee, it gives our customers total confidence that they’re getting an authentic product from their favourite designers and helps to remove any doubts.”

While the pre-loved luxury handbag market is valued at £115.3 million on the online marketplace, eBay believes it needs to do more to alleviate distrust and concerns about authenticity. This is supported by eBay data which suggests that 32% of buyers have hesitated to buy a pre-loved luxury handbag due to concerns about counterfeiting.

Why is this good news for the rest of us?

Authentication services are all very good and well for buyers and sellers of luxury items, but what about those of us who only engage in everyday essentials? Well, it’s good news for them as well.

As eBay strives to enhance levels of trust on the marketplace for buyers and sellers of high-end and luxury items, it attracts a different kind of audience. These are consumers with money to spend.

By guaranteeing the authenticity of luxury items, it tells consumers who may not have previously looked at eBay that the service is legitimate and safe. In many ways, it removes that potentially negative image of eBay as a virtual car boot sale or thrift store and elevates its status to a great place to swap.

Here’s the deal, buyers of luxury goods also buy everyday items. However, until now, they are unlikely to purchase those items from eBay because they haven’t had a reason to trust it before.

By offering authenticity services for luxury goods, eBay is opening the door to “more discerning” shoppers. Just because these consumers have an eye for the finer things in life doesn’t mean they don’t love a bargain.

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