Google Shopping (previously known as Google Product Search, Google Products, and Froogle) offers online retailers a compelling opportunity to position their products on the most valuable piece of eCommerce real estate. However, submitting an accurate product feed can be problematic for retailers on the BigCommerce platform selling products with multiple variants (different sizes, colours, specifications, etc.) with different stock levels.

Out of the box, the Google Shopping feed will only see the parent product and potentially disapprove the variant SKUs due to not being able to identify inventory levels across the various variants.

Previously, BigCommerce retailers have had two options to overcome this hurdle. They could either create separate product pages for each variant (a clunky workaround at best) or hire a developer to add some schema code to listings to allow Google to crawl the single URL. But, let’s be honest; you didn’t purchase a robust and flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce platform like BigCommerce, so you’d have to work with developers on tasks like this.

The Power to List Product Variants Is Built-in With Frooition

The good news is that Frooition has built in the “ProductModel” schema code to its base BigCommerce theme, allowing all online retailers to add all their variants to Google Shopping successfully.

Andrew Evans, Frooition’s Head of New Business, said, “Anything you can do to optimise your products’ footprint on Google is thoroughly recommended. Google Shopping offers online retailers the incredible opportunity to position their products on the very top of the search engine’s results page. In addition, the ability to list variants on Google Shopping is essential for retailers of all shapes and sizes. Whether retailers are selling across fashion, home and garden, or technology categories, Frooition takes care of all the underlying code so they can quickly and easily generate their shopping feeds and maximise their visibility on the world’s most popular search engine.

A Preferred BigCommerce Partner

As a preferred BigCommerce Partner, Frooition offers a complete range of bespoke BigCommerce design and build services with project levels to meet the needs of every seller.

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