Amazon has long prohibited its sellers from sending promotional email campaigns to their customers acquired on the marketplace. However, according to a recent announcement, that stance is now shifting for a select group of sellers.

US sellers that are part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program are now able to send themed promotional email campaigns to customers who have opted to “follow” their brands. Permitted campaign strategies include notifications about new products or promotions.

Manage your customer engagement

Email campaigns are managed using Amazon’s “Manage Your Customer Engagement” tool which is designed to increase repeat business and help brands build a more robust following on the Amazon platform.

Amazon explains:

“The Customer Engagement tool empowers brand owners registered in Brand Registry to engage with their Amazon followers through email. Brands with 1000 or more followers on Amazon Store will have the best experience when using this tool. However, this tool is accessible to all brands with followers.

“You can now create themed email campaigns within the Customer Engagement tool. Multiple holiday banners are available, with new templates being launched monthly. With these themed templates, you can suggest gifts for upcoming holidays, New Year resolutions, travel adventures, game day, and other occasions.”

Amazon still owns your data

While many brand owners will welcome the opportunity to target customers with themed emails, there are still restrictions on the data brands have access to and the type of emails they can send.

Brands will only be able to send emails to their “followers” and not all existing customers or potential customers. Emails will also be limited to three different types of send: New product launches, holiday-themed email promotions, and product spotlights. Amazon will also determine delivery schedules, which can be set weeks in advance.

Own your own customer relationships

Every customer touchpoint is important, but the story’s moral is that if you want to truly own your own customer relationships, you need to drive more traffic through your own eCommerce stores.

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