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Custom eBay brand design sets you apart from competitors and keeps customers in your eBay listings for longer. Not just exciting visuals, custom eBay listing design can include extra sales features like video in listings, dynamic cross-promotion and software for motors and motor parts sellers.

It’s important that your customers know who they are buying from. If you sell great products and give excellent service, then you should brand that experience so that customers can be loyal to you using a proven eBay design for sellers.

Professional branding design for eBay sellers makes it clear that you are a serious seller and encourages buyers to trust you. They know that you’re invested in eBay and your company appearance and that they can trust that you are here to sell in an honest and professional way.

For this reason, customers are more likely to trust postage estimates and product guarantees from sellers with custom branded eBay listings.

How to design eBay Listing Templates?

Investing in an eBay design is a big move for any eBay business. It’s important that you ask the right questions to make sure that you are getting the design service that works best for your business and your customers.

  • Which features do you really need?
  • How will it make buying easier for your customers?
  • How does it look on mobile?
  • How will it make selling easier for you?
  • Do all features meet eBay policy standards?
  • How do I stand out from my competition?
  • What will be the impact on my sales?
  • How complicated will design be to manage on my listings?
  • How do I future-proof my design investment against eBay platform changes?
  • What about eBay banner design?
  • How to change eBay design?

How to design eBay Store and how to design eBay Store Templates?

We are now going to give a broad overview of what questions you should ask to be able to make well informed decisions on eBay design and what capabilities you should look for when engaging with an eBay Design partner.

Top 10 Questions to ask your eBay Design agency

#1 Are they an eBay Certified Provider?

How can you tell if an eBay designer is Certified?

To be an eBay Certified Provider, design companies must undergo a strict certification process run and managed directly by eBay and have good capability to design eBay shops. This is to ensure the company is competent and can demonstrate they fully understand the eBay technology platform, eBay security policies and compliance and do provide a quality service to their customers.If not, you may risk wasting money with an agency that:

  • Are not compliant with eBay’s security policies risking having your listings pulled and your account suspended without warning
  • Are not proven meaning your listings may appear broken or unresponsive costing both sales and reputation
  • Are not aware of eBay platform changes or technology roadmap meaning your listings could fail at any time

eBay provide an online list of certified providers which you can check at:


If an eBay Design company is not listed here under third party listing tools, this means they are not eBay certified.

There is no exception to this, and any company claiming to be approved by eBay who are not on this list, are misleading customers.

#2 Do I have to provide my login details for my eBay account?

Do I have to share eBay login details with a designer?

You should never need to give a company your sensitive information.You should never risk the security of the login details for the platform where you run your business, and handle sales and payments.

Only consider companies that install designs using eBay’s API and a secure token.

All access is logged by eBay and the token can be revoked at any time without affecting any other tools.

#3 Do you store my design, graphics and CSS on a dedicated server using Multi location datacentres?

Are eBay designs hosted in the cloud?

This incredibly technical sounding question is very important to you for one simple reason.If your eBay design files sit on a single server, you create a single point of failure. If that one server crashes, your design completely fails, your live listings lose any design and very simply, your sales will drop off.

It is not uncommon for budget shared servers to be down for days at a time. Ask yourself how much revenue would you lose if the server was down for a day? Worse still, if it happens on a Friday evening, it could be down all weekend.

Choose a design partner that use highly available enterprise standard servers ensuring your template loads from the nearest server to your customer, meaning quicker load times. If that server fails, it should automatically relocate to the next closest server. At any one time a design should be served from multiple separate locations to ensure the service maintains 99.99% uptime. As close as possible to zero downtime for your listings.

#4 What unique feature are proven to increase my eBay sales?

How to grow eBay Sales?

Some features proven to increase sales for established eBay sellers include:1 – Dynamic Cross Promotion.

Dynamic cross promotion is the most powerful sales boosting tool sellers can have on eBay as it can offer your alternative products within each of your eBay listings.

Dynamic cross promotion scans through your live listings, and should automatically show any related products, based on the rules you set.

The rules could be size, colour, any relevant feature. It should only cross promote listings which are relevant and live, thus increasing order values.

This is important because cross promoting irrelevant items is not useful to your customer when they are looking to buy, and it makes your listings look disorganised.

When products sell out, sellers with non-dynamic cross promotion have to go through and update every listing, or they will be cross pushing potential customers to a dead listing.

Successful cross selling is shown to directly increases sales, boost conversion rates, improves click-through and average basket orders. A positive side effect of cross selling is it also boosts brand awareness – the more listings a customer views, the more exposure to your brand they receive.

2 – Add Video

Video increases time on page by 340%. It is the easiest way for your customer to take in the information they need to feel confident about your product. That is why customers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. Video is a powerful sales tool that is growing in popularity with customers. Choose a eBay design partner that offer unlimited bandwidth for video who choose this as a growth tool for their store.

3 – Dynamic Categories.

This is important because every eBay business will, at some point, need to add and remove categories.

It may be for introducing new product lines, or removing old ones, but whatever the reason, for a store with hard coded categories, this would mean a lot of work. The seller would need to take down each product listing and adjust each one manually.

This would cost you time and lose your sales history and ranking.

Using totally dynamic categories means that you should be able to instantly edit all listings with a simple click of a button.

4 – Multi design for a single account.

You may only have one design in mind right now but having the option for multiple designs gives you massive scope for growth.

For example, a seller selling computers and mobile phones may want one design specifically for computers and another design for mobile phones. After they start selling a lot of refurbished ipads and macbooks they may want to then have separate designs just for macbooks and ipads. Or they may choose to have a design just for apple products, or just for refurbished products. They could add custom areas for different returns or delivery policy. If they find that they are making most of their sales around Christmas, they may want a holiday template with a custom box advertising that they do fast delivery or to promote a holiday discount offer.

Being able to host multiple designs with unique features allows you to go beyond branded aesthetics and offer your customers a more personalised shopping experience, showing customers relevant information such as correct gender size charts and offers based on the item they are viewing.

Choose an eBay design partner that makes this growth easy and affordable by letting you host multiple eBay listing designs from one eBay store.

5 – Design Auto Apply.

Auto Apply features lets you list in seconds, with the design applied for you. You should have as many designs as you like, just set your auto apply so that it knows which design goes on which category or kind of items, and your listings will appear automatically designed. So easy, you should be able to list with your smart phone.

Auto Apply gives you application free design. The design is automatically applied as items go live on eBay – no matter how you listed.

#5 Can I use Multiple Designs on my eBay account

Choose a design partner that will allow you to have multiple unlimited designs in your eBay Store. You could sell in completely different categories with a unique design for each, have seasonal designs or designs for brands.


#6 Will I have an appointed personal designer to work with? Some eBay design companies outsource their work or use system generated eBay templates meaning that you may never have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and requirements direct with a designer resulting in delays and unsatisfactory and mismatched design.

Choose an eBay design agency that will provide a dedicated designer who will listen to and understand your design needs, offer suggestions and solutions, provide draft designs for you to review and approve and continue to work with you until you are happy with the finished product.

#7 Will my new design apply to my existing listings?

How can I apply design to all my eBay listings?

There are two options for applying eBay design to existing live eBay listings; you can either go through every one of your listings and manually paste in the relevant code provided by your design partner, or you can have it automatically applied with an eBay bulk listing tool.Having to go into every live eBay listing and cut and paste code is a long process. Imagine if you had hundreds or even thousands of live listings that you had to manually edit each time you wanted to upload a design?

Choose an eBay design partner that offer eBay listing tools allowing you to list directly to eBay.

#8: How will I apply my new design to my new listings?

Manually adding new code and graphics to new listings is also cumbersome and prone to error. Use a design partner that provide the tools to allow you to automatically apply your designs to all new listings.

#9: What if I need to revise my listings?

Manually cutting and pasting code also makes revising your listings a nightmare.

It would mean you having to manually edit each one of your listings each time you want to make a simple amendment such as your shipping or returns policy text.

If eBay made an update which meant you have to remove part of your custom eBay design or modify it somehow you would be forced to manually update each listing. Depending on your number of listings, this would mean weeks, if not months of work.

Choose a design partner that provide tools to revise your listings in bulk, making listing revision fast and effortless.


#10: What if I have a problem later?

Time is money, especially your time. As an eBay seller, you want to spend as much time as you can growing your business by selling more not wasting your precious time fixing coding errors, trying to resolve performance issues or dealing with listing loading problems, eBay security compliance breaches or indeed anything that stops you winning more customers.

Engage with a competent and responsive design partner that will support you beyond the initial sale and delivery, who will manage any future eBay platform changes and site issues and continually support and grow with you as your business needs grow.



Good eBay design is more than just making eBay listings look attractive. Your eBay design must incorporate features to help increase sales and be quick and easy for you to use. A good eBay designer will not shy away from explaining to you how their design does this, how the investment will generate a healthy ROI and how your design investment can be future-proofed against evolving eBay platform changes.

We hope this guide gives you an insight into the important questions to ask a potential eBay design partner and help address the questions of how to design an eBay store, how to design eBay Listing Template and how to change eBay design.

As a starting point, if you are looking for a design partner to take your eBay business to the next level, we suggest you start with eBay’s certified partner directory at http://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/listing/listing-advanced-sellers/third-party-listing-tools.html

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