eBay has today announced the September / Fall 2019 seller release update.

Rob Hattrell, VP of eBay.co.uk, outlines the updates here:

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The full list of changes are here: 

Important changes – work may be required:

As a regular business seller, the important changes that may affect your day-to-day listing are the updates to Item Specific requirements. In order to update or revise listings in affected categories, you may need to add newly required item specifics. The actual requirements aren’t announced until the 8th of October.

While the changes mean you may have to adjust some listings and in the short-term, it may cause you extra work, these changes should improve your listing visibility and ultimately increase sales.

eBay is classifying Item Specifics into the following classifications:

  • Required
  • Recommended
  • Additional

The general consensus is fill in as many as you possibly can to maximise visibility.

Tools to find and update newly required item specifics:

Frooition have a free category feature finder tool that you can use to outline what item specifics each category requires, this is automatically updated and is ready with the newly required item specifics.

Frooition is launching a new tool within our listing software that highlights and recommends the required item specifics. Whatsmore it also allows you to edit and update your live listings. Making them compliant and increasing your listing performance.

Item Specifics

Frooition’s listing tool – updating live item specifics.


If you are interested in using the item specific editor get in touch today and we will give details on how to access it.

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