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You can sell all types of vehicles including cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as their parts and accessories in the motors category on eBay UK motors.

Vehicles, parts and accessories can be listed in the same formats as most other product categories. You can choose to list as an auction, buy it now or best offer.


Should you sell car parts on eBay UK motors?


Earlier this year, eBay UK motors merged with Listings now reach ten million unique car buyers. Broadening their reach in the UK motor trade has in turn increased car parts sales on eBay. A car or truck part is sold every two seconds on eBay.

Customers love buying car parts on eBay because the eBay motors site focuses on the specific needs of automotive customers and make buying the right part simple.

Selling car parts on eBay UK is also simple. And with the right listing tool, your entire parts inventory can quickly be made available to millions of searching customers around the world.


eBay UK car parts catalogue and parts compatibility


You can create parts and accessories listings with Parts Compatibility (also known as “fitment”). This allows you to add all the years, makes, models, trims, and engines that your part or accessory fits (up to 1,000 or 3,000 combinations, depending on the category). This makes it easy for buyers to find the right parts for their vehicle.

When you begin to list your item to eBay UK motors,  you have multiple options in the Compatibility section of the listing form. You can either choose a product with pre-filled compatibility information or manually enter compatible vehicles.

Parts compatibility information allows listings to show up in fitment searches. If you don’t use the fit data you will miss a huge amount of parts traffic. Including fitment data will reduce your returns rate and your feedback will improve.

The Frooition eBay listing software allows sellers to list motor parts to eBay using the ePID or MPN and then lookup the parts in the eBay catalogue using the eBay Product Based Shopping Experience.

If the product exists in the eBay catalogue then the majority of the listing information will be pre-filled. Information that can be automatically completed by eBay:

  • Product Title
  • Description
  • Product images (Stock)
  • Category
  • Item Specifics
  • Weight & Dimensions
  • Parts compatibility

If the items are not found in the eBay catalogue, sellers can create the items for themselves.


Listing in the Motorcycle Parts categories with parts compatibility


When listing in the Motorcycle Parts categories, it’s important to include what models the parts are compatible with. First of all, you may need to check the master motorcycle list.


What is the master motorcycle list (MML)?


The master motorcycle list (MML) is an up-to-date list of motorcycle models that allows a seller to show a list of all the motorcycles that a part or accessory is compatible with in a single listing.

Using the MML helps save time and money by reducing the number of listings a seller needs to manage, plus it helps buyers to find compatible parts for their motorcycle quickly and easily.

If you list within the motorcycle parts categories, use the MML so that buyers can refine their search by model to find your listing.

You should use the MML when listing in the following Vehicle Parts & Accessories subcategories:


  • Motorcycle Parts (10063)
  • Wheels, Tyres & Tubes (35578) – only if your listing is relevant to Street Motorcycles


How to list using the master motorcycle list


  1. To create a listing, select Sell at the top of most eBay pages.
  2. Enter a description of the item for sale, for example “brake disc”, and then select Start selling. Select the matching category for your item. Alternatively, you can manually find the correct category by selecting Browse categories.
  3. Where possible, use eBay’s recommended values for all item specifics. To make sure buyers can find your item more easily, make sure you include all relevant part numbers.
  4. Select Add after entering each value.
  5. Note: When entering values under To Fit Model, make sure that the Model values entered here exactly match those in the MML.
  6. Complete the rest of the details about your item as usual to finish your listing.


Download master motorcycle list


Sell car parts on eBay with seller protection


Customers trust eBay because they know that eBay protects them form dishonest sellers. In the same way, eBay protects sellers from dishonest customers.

The eBay seller protection program protects sellers from instances of non-payment, empty box returns and unfair feedback.

Both buyer and seller behaviour is tracked on eBay and when suspicious behaviour is detected, their system flags for a member of the seller protection team to investigate.


Sell car parts with lower fees


Every marketplace has fees. But eBay takes a lower percentage than Amazon.

  • Amazon charges 12% in the automotive category (except 10% for tyres and wheels)
  • eBay charges just 6%-10%, depending on your account type.


Sell car parts internationally without extra costs


Thanks to eBay’s Global Shipping Program, selling auto parts to customers outside the UK is easier than ever!

If you comply with some eligibility rules, eBay’s international shipping experts will manage the overseas shipping and customs process for you.

Sound too good to be true? It’s really that easy. All you need to do is ship the part to eBay’s U.S. shipping center, and eBay will take it from there.

With the Global Shipping Program, you qualify for 5-star protection for shipping and handling ratings—meaning customer ratings below 5 stars for shipping charges or shipping time won’t count against your seller performance standards.

In fact, if any of your negative or neutral feedback is caused by the Global Shipping Program, that feedback will be removed.


Attract local traffic to your business with eBay UK classifieds


You cannot link to your own website or include contact details like phone numbers in regular eBay UK motors listings. However, eBay has classified listings and you are free to include your contact details and website link in those.

With classified listings, you pay a single listing fee and no final value fee. You pay to advertise your contact details to potential buyers on eBay motors UK.

For the first time ever, vehicle sellers can now list classified adverts through the Frooition software including design, dynamic links to categories and cross selling for other items.

Frooition Design Classified Listing eBay UK motors


Sell more car parts on eBay UK by increasing customer trust


It can be difficult to get customers to trust and buy from you when you are an unknown name with little social proof. But customers trust eBay and you can use customer’s trust in marketplaces to make customers trust your store.

The strongest way to build customer trust on eBay is by building positive customer feedback. This means having rapid dispatch, answering customers fast and offering a service that keeps them happy. However, this takes time. And the less you sell, the longer it will take.

Before you have masses of eBay feedback to act as social proof for customers, you can present a professional listing to customers with a custom listing design.

If you are interested in selling on eBay motors UK, fill in our contact form and speak to one of our eBay certified advisers.



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