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Of all the ways to make a living online, starting an e-commerce business is the simplest.  Moreover, there’s long term growth potential for brands that present themselves well and capture customer interest. Anything that can be sold, sells online.

67% of millennials and 56% of Gen X now prefer shopping online and e-commerce sales are predicted to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021.

Running your own online business you can take control of your working schedule and achieve financial independence. But, getting started isn’t always easy. You may not have any idea what to sell, lack experience, or simply be too scared of failure to take your first step. Starting a business requires guts. It also requires investment. Both time and money. And even when you have an idea that you know is good, it’s wise to keep expenses as low as possible in the early days.

That’s why Frooition have built a BigCommerce theme design that gives you a fully operational e-commerce store for only £250.

Designed by Frooition’s e-commerce designers to give a great customer experience on both desktop and mobile, the BigCommerce Minimal theme  gives you a store that’s fast and secure – with unlimited potential for growth.

BigCommerce Minimal theme


What’s in a minimal theme store?

Frooition’s design team have been creating custom BigCommerce stores for six years. As a result, they have a lot of experience and knowledge of which features make a BigCommerce store successful.  The Minimal theme is what they’ve created as their perfect out of the box store. A fresh and modern store that maximises conversions for any seller.

The sleek design makes clever use of white space, drawing customer focus to striking product images. Clean layout and simple navigation make purchasing easy and minimises cart abandonment.

  • Design customisation options – Use your brand colours and logo to make a site that’s unique to your business.
  • Easy edit Content – Set your own headings and text.
  • Flags to highlight new stock and sale items – Because our years of experience have shown us how these visual prompts encourage customers to click through to product pages.
  • Colour swatches on the product card – Show customers multiple colour options before they get to the product page.
  • Blog feed on homepage – Promote your expert content, encourage people to spend longer on your site and increase your SEO.
  • Instagram feed integrated into homepage – Encourage visitors to follow you and keep your brand in their mind.

The Minimal theme is all about growth. So if the Minimal theme is missing a feature you want, you can add it on. Extra features are priced individually. So, your site design can grow with your business.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply download your design then drag and drop it into the theme upload area in your BigCommerce dashboard. Now just add your own images, products and content. You can have your e-commerce store up and ready to take sales in hours.

Visit the BigCommerce Minimal theme page to view a demo and purchase.


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