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Who Can join Amazon Brand Registry?


Brand Registry is for sellers who are brand owners or manufacturers. It’s also open to distributors who have written permission from the brand owner to manage a specific product on Amazon.

If you don’t fall into one of these categories, you won’t be able to join Amazon brand registry.


Why Should Sellers Join Amazon Brand Registry?


Joining Amazon Brand Registry is the best way to protect your brand from counterfeit issues or situations where your product content is changed by a third party seller. Brand Registry gives you more brand control and increased ability to deal with counterfeit products. Members of Brand Registry have access to tools to search for infringing products and reporting them easily.

Amazon Brand Registry also gives you increased control of your brand image with your own branded store space. Custom design can be applied to Amazon stores to give an established brand look, encouraging customer trust and loyalty. Take a look at Frooition’s Amazon store portfolio to see examples of how Amazon stores can be styled for different brands.


Amazon Brand Registry Store Design


Brand Registry gives you more control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name. So customers are more likely to see correct information and the image you want associated with your brand.


How To Join Amazon Brand Registry


One of the biggest requirements for the program is the need to have a trademark. Filling for a trademark is not enough. You must wait until the trademark has been issued before you can join Brand Registry because you need the associated government-registered trademark number.

If you would like to participate in the new Brand Registry program, you should get your trademark application filed as soon as possible, because it can take 6 months or longer to complete the process.

Additionally, you will need a list of product categories (e.g., apparel, sporting goods, electronics) in which your brand should be listed.

Finally, you will need a list of countries that your brand’s goods are to be manufactured and distributed.


The Process


Go to and select ‘enroll a new brand’.

Applying for Brand Registry is a three step process.


Amazon Brand Registry


After you submit your registration information, Amazon reach out to a contact associated with the registered trademark you provide in your application. Once they verify that your trademark meets their requirements, you’ll receive a verification code.

Keep this safe. You will need to send this code back to Amazon to complete the enrolment process.

If you need to register more than 10 brands, you’ll need to complete your first application and then someone on the Brand Registry team will reach out to help you enrol your remaining brands in bulk.


Brand Identity



Amazon Brand Registry step two


Pictures of both the product and its packaging are needed. Both images must show clearly visible branding.

Following this, you must upload an image of just the logo. This is just an image file, not a photograph of the logo on the product.

It’s important that you make sure all these images are clear. Uploading images that don’t satisfy the application requirements will likely result in your Brand Registry application being rejected.

The final stage of the second section is your online presence. Amazon say that these fields are optional, but that leaving them blank may prevent a brand from being approved.




Amazon aside, if you seriously want to build a brand, you should have at least a basic website and social media presence. When potential customers, re sellers or investors search your brand name, they will be expecting to find more than just Amazon listings.

If you want to set up a storefront to sell off Amazon, Shopify and BigCommerce are excellent e-commerce hosting platforms.

Later in the Brand Registry application process, you can enter your website URL again, but only if you’re selling products on that URL outside of Amazon.

You can only submit one social media page for your brand. So, we recommend using the social media page that has the most traction. If you’ve only got 100 followers on Twitter, but 1,000 on Instagram, then use your Instagram page.




Finally, you must give product characteristics.

You should already have a primary category or categories that you sell your products through. You need to specify them on this form.

If you’ve already got a website set up to sell your products online, you should enter that here. Only include your brand website here if you’re selling your products from it. Don’t include your website URL  if it’s information only, or you’re using it to link or redirect to marketplace listings.



Amazon Brand Registry Characteristics





Joining Amazon Brand Registry helps you to control and protect your brand.

As a member of Amazon Brand Registry you have access to extra tools within Amazon and the right to your own branded Amazon store.

If you own the brand that you sell, we highly recommend that you apply for a trademark and join Amazon’s Brand Registry.


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