Since the 27th July 2010, the new item condition values will be necessary for new, relisted and revised listings in most eBay categories. If your listings do not included the item condition your new listing or revision will be blocked by eBay.

This leaves sellers with a bit of a task, relist all your items from scratch to contain the item condition, or if you use sell similar to relist your items you’ll need to amend each listing to include the new item condition value or your relist will fail – Certainly a time consuming problem for sellers to face.

So how can eBay sellers apply item conditions to their listings without it becoming a drain on your precious time and resources? Frooition customers can of course use the Bulk Revision tool built in to the Frooition software, which allows the bulk update of your listings within a few minutes. As well as amendment of item conditions, Bulk Revision also allows sellers to amend titles, descriptions, increase/decrease prices & quantities, change returns policies and payment requires – 13 amendment types in total and all can be applied in Bulk to your live listings.

Sellers on eBay US can also sign up to the Bulk Revision App within the eBay App center.

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