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eBay Product Catalogue

Certain eBay categories contain items associated with products from eBay's product catalogue.

If you're listing in one of these categories, you'll be able to add product details and a stock photo from this catalogue to your listing description.

Find out which products are included in eBays product catalogue using our free tool: eBay Category Feature Finder.

Why use product catalogue?

The time savings from listing with eBay catalogue are obvious, rather than having to list the tracks on a CD, or write up a description for a DVD you can simply pull the relevant details in from eBay's catalogue.

This convenience doesn't stop in media categories, product details are available in many categories ranging from computers to mobile cell phones. If you're selling in a category that catalogue is available then don't wait for eBay to mandate use of catalogue - get ahead of the game and start listing with eBay catalogue today.

Besides saving you time and making it easier for you to list an item, this is a simple way to create a more appealing listing and help buyers find your items. Using eBay's product catalogue alongside Frooition eBay design now means you can display catalogue information within your Frooition Listing Template!

Using eBay Product Catalogue with Frooition

The Frooition software allows you to easily get stock images and stock descriptions for products in certain categories based on a ISBN, EAN or title search. This greatly improves product accuracy and listing time. If you are selling a product that does not have an EAN you can type product title, model number or brand keywords.

Users then have the ability to pull the selected product data and incorporate it into your listing template design.

Frooition uses an elegant solution to add branding to eBay catalogue information. Rather than have it right at the top of the page you can keep key sections of your design highlighted including your header, shop categories to the left, cross promotions to your key items to the right and of course your star product promotion and shop search box to the top left of your Frooition listing template.

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