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Bulk Revision

Frooition have developed a fantastic bulk revision tool kit that will enable you to save time and money when altering live eBay Listings.

No longer will you have to re-list all your items when eBay make a change, it is no longer a catastrophe when your couriers change prices or policies, it is also much easier to apply your fantastic looking, professional, designs to all of your listings.

Apply Frooition Pro Design to Listings:

Bulk Revision enables you to search through specific listings and apply your Frooition Listing Design in bulk! You can search via keyword or display all items and then tick which items you wish to apply the designs too.

In order to successfully apply your Frooition design to existing listings your current descriptions must be less than 600px fixed width.

If you decide you no longer wish to use Frooition design on a particular listing you can select live listings and remove the design in bulk.

You also have the option to import a copy of your live listings into the Frooition Software for listing later.

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Find & Replace Titles:

If you find that you need to change all of your titles en masse then we have a tool for that. You can use the very simple find and replace title tool, if you decide that your selling strategy calls for a reordering of keywords in your title simply search for them and replace them in a different order.

Find & Replace Descriptions:

The Description find & replace tool is vital for running a modern eBay business. It allows you to replace single words or full paragraphs, this is extremely useful if you have the same text across all of your listings that suddenly needs changing - such as shipping information. Also as eBay introduce new rules prohibiting certain information in listings you can keep up with the rules in an instant without having to pull all of your listings.

Add to Description:

If you have some important information that you need to add the bottom of a description, as an amendment then you will need to use the Add to description tool. You select the items you wish to add to and simply type the required text and agree to add the information - this is then added to each listing with a horizontal line and date.

Modify Returns Policies:

Making a change to your returns policies across all of your live listings can be a daunting task. Our Returns Policy modifier takes away the headache by allowing you to update all of your returns policies in one go. You write your new policies, select the relevent listings and apply them in bulk. This is especially useful if your suppliers make changes to their returns policies that then affect you as the retail seller.

Change Start Price:

There is also a tool that allows you to alter the start price of multiple items. If you need to rapidly change your selling strategy to be competitive, we can help you do this by altering all of your start prices in one go. You no longer have to waste hours changing each listing just to keep ahead of the game.

Alter Buy It Now Prices:

You can increase or decrease your Buy It Now prices either by setting it to a certain amount, altering by a percentage or adding/subtracting a set amount from many prices in bulk!

Change Reserve Prices

You can change a selection of your reserve prices in bulk, if your suppliers change pricing you can ensure that you do not lose your margin by altering the prices in bulk.

Add/Remove quantities

You can alter your quantities in bulk, when you receive a shipment from your suppliers you can instantly update your current listings instead of relisting existing listings or duplicating existing listings.

Modify Dispatch Times

If you get let down by a courier, or your become suddenly understaffed it can cause major problems dispatching your items and can lead to your DSR's dropping. Fortunatly you can now alter your dispatch times in bulk in seconds!

Alter PayPal Address

You Can also change your PayPal address immediatly using the Bulk Revision tools.

Bulk Revision Overview Video

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How do I get Bulk Revision?

In order to use Bulk revision you need to be a Frooition eBay Design customer. Every eBay Design customer gets 30 Days free trial to Bulk revision.

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