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Design for Signature eBay Sellers

Signature is our flagship service, tailored specifically for premium brands and sellers.
Signature unites exceptional design, the finest sales functionality and superior management software.

Sellers are in complete control of their store and listings. With a unique drag & drop store editor sellers can create one off landing pages or create variations of their eBay store. Creating category specific product pages or sale pages are a snap!

We work with you through every step of the process including detailing your requirements. We then provide you with a preview of the design and invite you to give us feedback. Once we provide a preview you are delighted with we do everything else including installing the design, applying it to your live items and supporting you on going.

Signature includes access to the Frooition signature software which enables you to control your design, list to eBay and apply design to live listings.

What's Included?

  • eBay Store
  • 6 x Selling Widgets
  • Results Page Header
  • Responsive eBay Product Page
  • Frooition Software Access
  • Design Applied for you

Choose 6 eBay Design Widgets from the following:

(Click to expand)
  1. Custom store layout
    Choose from the standard 3 column layout or a custom 1 or 2 column store:

    1 column eBay Store Design    2 column eBay Store Design    2 column eBay Store Design
  2. Custom product page layout
    Choose a 1,2 or 3 column listing to match your storefront.

    1 column eBay Store Design    2 column eBay Store Design    3 column eBay Store Design
  3. Top level sub-header navigation
    Add your top level categories to your sub-header for the store and listings.
  4. Custom header links
    Add up to 5 custom page links to your store and listing header

  5. Custom footer links
    Add up to 5 custom page links to your store and listing footer.

  6. Promotional Banner
    We will create a static custom graphical banner to highlight key offers or products.

  7. Brand Search Boxes
    Add up to 10 of your most popular brands to your store and listings. When a buyer clicks the logo or text it will run a search for that keyword.

  8. Interactive fading hero
    A fading or sliding gallery of up to 3 images on your storefront. The interactive heroes draw the users eye and encourages click-through.

  9. Category boxes
    Add up to 9 graphical category boxes to your storefront. A graphic of the products in that category encourage buyers to browse that category.

  10. Logo design
    If you do not have an existing logo we can create one for you in vector format so it can also be used for print.

Features: Store Listing

Top Level Categories
Category Boxes
Brand Search Boxes
Center Image
Fading Center Image
eBay Gallery
Product Gallery
Star Item
Cross Promotion
Promotion Box
Item Title
Image Gallery
Seller Info Tabs
Top Level Categories
Brand Search Boxes
Star Item
Cross Promotion
Promotion Box
Item Title
Image Gallery
Seller Info Tabs
  • eBay Store & Product Listing Design
    • Categories automatically update across all pages
    • Automatically cross promote related items
    • Active content compliant product listings
      (no JS or Flash)
    • Image gallery with thumbnails
    • Seller information tabs
  • Mobile Product Listing
    • Mobile responsive listings
    • Works in app and mobile browser
    • Scrolling product gallery
    • Cross promotion
  • Professional Branding
    • Design consultation
    • Easy to use design requirements form
    • Multiple previews
    • Full installation
    • We can even apply the design to listings for you!
  • Frooition Software
    • Bulk list directly to eBay
    • Export templates for all 3rd party listing tools
    • Control design features
    • Revise listings in bulk
    • Project manage your design
    • support tickets, videos and tutorials

How will it help me?

  • Fast and easy design process
    • Transparent project management system
    • Regular email updates
    • Access to design project manager
    • Simple project requirements form
  • Increase your sales
    • Great branding increases trust
    • Clean layout instills confidence and reduces questions
    • Image gallery showcases great product
    • Cross promotion increases average orders
    • Beautiful design creates a memorable user experience
  • Save you Time
    • We can apply the design to your existing listings so you don't have to
    • Export template ready for 3rd party listing tools
    • List directly to eBay
    • Import listings from spreadsheet or Bigcommerce
  • Make listing easier
    • Use eBay's product catalog
    • Use parts compatibility
    • Bulk launch listings

Software Demo:

Book a personal demo of the Signature Software at a time that suits you.

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What does it look like?

Design Process

Most projects can be completed in as little as 4 weeks depending upon revisions and requirements.

  • Design
  • Complete specification form
  • Receive 1st
  • Revisions and additional previews
  • Sign off
  • Design Fully
    installed & tested

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