Menu Rakuten UK is one of the UK’s fastest-growing online marketplaces. We’re part of the Rakuten Group, one of the world’s largest internet service companies, with 13 marketplaces globally. We’ve driven this sustained global growth by focussing on what’s at the very core of our business, our merchants. We offer:
A personalised storefront and product listings customised to be as unique as you are
Paid traffic driven to your products by Rakuten teams
No competing 1st party retail business.
Site-wide promotions to boost your sales, with the option to run your own unique promotions and events as and when you want
Free inclusion in our Super Point loyalty programme to drive repeat business, with the cost covered by Rakuten
Rakuten Merchant Advisors will work with you to boost your coverage on our marketplace and to drive sales
We have a rolling monthly subscription fee that only kicks in once your store goes live, plus a final value commission on sales you make, and that’s it. There are no listing fees and no transaction fees, and there is no minimum term on your account. All of this guarantees you the flexibility and peace of mind you need to succeed with us.
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