Intercultural Elements

InterCultural Elements (ICE) goes beyond e-commerce targeted translation to offer a complete, customizable solution which expands your sales into both international & domestic markets. ICE helps grow your business, diversifying your risks and covering all expansion aspects including:
  • Cross-border trade consultation
  • Professional human in-house translation no translation machines
  • Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English
  • Country specific localization
  • Integrates with: Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Tmall, Mercado Libre, Sears, newegg
  • All services direct from your listing tool
  • Market research
  • Multilingual e-mail customer service
  • Returns collection

Companies like eBay, ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro, & Frooition choose InterCultural Elements as their trusted partner. Contact & expand your sales today:
t: +49 341 869 6670
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