GeekSpeak(commerce): geekspeak

geekspeak is an ecommerce services company focused on helping our clients engage their customers and sell more online with better product content. Founded in 2003, geekspeak employs a handpicked team of expert content Writers, Translators, Photographers, Taxonomists and more; our team is not comprised of general practitioners – we’re truly product content specialists. We work closely with numerous online retailers, manufacturers, distributors and publishers. Our content converts browsing shoppers into loyal buyers.

geekspeak brings more than scalability to your ecommerce project; we also bring speed & agility. Our teams have worked with small vendors to put their entire product catalogue online in weeks, and we've also partnered with large online retailers to help manage catalogues with thousands of products. We truly believe that smart content drives commerce!

What we do really well!
• Product description creation (enriched, A+)
• Product description translation (French, Spanish, Other)
• Product Photography, Image processing
• Catalogue Management/Uploading, organization
• Buying guides, FAQ, How-to-guides
• Meta Data (Meta Descriptions, Meta Titles, Meta Keywords, etc.)
• Taxonomy, Attribute generation, product data standardization
• More

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