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eBay have announced that they are stopping the use of Active Content in listing descriptions from Spring 2017. This means that sellers with active content need to make changes to their listings in order to remove this content.

For most sellers this means a lot of manual HTML work to strip and clean their listings, fortunately Frooition have created a new service to help eBay sellers remove Active content from their listings for a fraction of the manual cost.

Let Frooition do the hard work:

Our listing rescue service enables sellers to stop worrying about any active content or broken design in their listings.

We can help you even if you aren't a Frooition Design customer.

We do all the hard work and clean your eBay descriptions programmatically.

How does it work?

  1. We conduct a free review of your listings to see what content needs to be removed.
  2. We quote you based on the number of listings and complexity of the code that needs removing
  3. Our tech team builds a pattern for your listings to remove the unwanted code
  4. We connect to your eBay account through the eBay API and process all of your listings
  5. Finally we send you a report of listings successfully cleaned

As a Listing Rescue customer you will enjoy:

Massive time and wages saving
Being compliant with eBay's rules
No work to be done by the seller
Fast turnround - even for millions of listings
Clean listings ready for 3rd party listing tools
Retain eBay sales history and best match standing


How much money could Frooition save me?

LOTS! Frooition ran an experiment to see exactly how long it would take to manually strip listings and calculated the cost to a business:

Listing Count Time to clean listings DIY Cost* Frooition Price SAVE:
500 28 Hours / 3.7 Days $325 USD $149 USD $177 USD
2,500 140 Hours / 1 Month $1,625 USD $449 USD $1,176 USD
10,000 561 Hours / 4 Months $6,500 USD $599 USD $5,901 USD
30,000 1,680 Hours / 12 Months $13,000 USD $899 USD $18,601 USD
*Cost based on Min Wage

Are there some listings that cannot be cleaned?

Yes, if a listing has less than 12 hours remaining or is an auction with bids on, it cannot be revised by the eBay API. Upon completion you will receive a report detailing any listings that couldn't be revised with the reasons why.

I am not a Frooition design customer, can I still have the Rescue Service?

Absolutely! We can help all eBay sellers, not just our own customers.
If you are interested in our design services we can offer a discount for having both services at the same time.

I am an existing Frooition design customer, do I have to have the rescue package?

No. We will be contacting you soon to discuss your upgrade to active content compliant listings. As part of that we will strip your existing listings of Frooition active content.
You may need the rescue service if you have additional (none Frooition) active content in your descriptions.

How long does it take?

It depends how busy we are at the time. As we get closer to the spring and fall 2017 deadlines we predict our lead times will increase so it is important to act sooner rather than later. For most customers we complete the rescue package within 2 weeks depending upon lead time.

How much does the the rescue package cost?

Prices start from $149.00 .

The exact price depends on the complexity of your listings and the number of listings you have. The more listings you have the cheaper it is per listings. On average it is at least 10x cheaper than manually revising your listings.

Fill in your details to arrange a listing review and get a no obligation estimate.

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