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Like many successful eBay businesses, Sarah Kadlic started out on eBay by selling some of her own things from around her house. When she had no unwanted items left to sell, she decided to try selling one of her paintings.Sarah Kadlic

Sarah: I was always painting as a hobby, so I thought, why not try to post a little painting and see how it goes? I almost pulled the listing down, feeling embarrassed, but someone commented “this is a great painting, I wonder if it could be a little larger”. I was dumbfounded. She liked it?? I sold my first painting for $10 profit. I was hooked. Little did I know my art career had just begun and would last through the next decade and more.

By 2006 I was routinely painting two paintings a day and listing them to my eBay store where I would auction them off. My paintings would start at $49 and sell upwards of $200-$700 sometimes. The auction world was taking off and eBay was at the center. Competition increased though, as more artists came to sell on eBay.

Products Chosen

Advanced eBay design and custom Shopify store.

The Process

Sarah: When I contacted the team at Frooition, they were so responsive and amazing. They guided me every step of the way.

I’d been reluctant up to this point to spend money on my web image. However, the work I had seen the Frooition team do on websites made me realize this would be so worthwhile and would elevate my items and brand!

Selling high ticket luxury items, it was important that Sarah Kadlic’s content and visuals of their website convey luxury, in order to reflect the products and encourage trust from customers.

I was struggling with how to combine my art and jewelry. I kept thinking they should be separated since they are so different, and I wondered how receptive people would be to seeing both together if they were only interested in one or the other.

My Frooition designer Kim thought it would be great to combine both and create a brand name (mine) around them. I was worried about seeing my name in limelight but I trusted my designer who not only had a great knack for style, but she knows a lot about marketing online.

I was really interested in having beautiful pictures and design simplicity and the Frooition designers knew exactly how to arrange this so that customers could shop easily.

People have always commented that my art was fresh and modern, but I never seemed to be able to communicate this through a shopping platform until now.

There is such strong creativity driving this business. Beautiful artwork and a stunning inventory of precious jewelry from a range of eras. Sarah’s designer Kim was tasked with bringing all of these creative influences together to create one cohesive brand image.

Kim: After looking at the wonderful pieces of jewelry and the art that Sarah creates for her collections and reading a little about her business I knew that it was Sarah who needed to be the main brand of the business itself. We then discussed adding each collection under the brand name Sarah Kadlic.

It was important to both Sarah and myself to allow the products to be the main focal point of the store. I didn’t want to create a design that would take anything away from her products. I wanted the design to compliment them. I created a minimal design using a selection of colors that Sarah favored and taking inspiration from the pieces that Sarah Sells. I wanted to create a store design that involved the beauty of her paintings and the elegance of her jewelry collection. I used Sarah’s product images to create all the graphics that are in the design, which highlights the beauty of her inventory.

Conversion-focused on all devices

Whether the customer would be searching for a potential engagement ring on their smartphone during a lunch break or laying on the sofa in the evening browsing artwork from their tablet, we designed Sarah’s eBay listings and website to be optimized for every device. Our responsive design determines the dimensions of the display accessing the website and intelligently delivers the best user experience for each user, regardless of what device they’re using.

Sarah Kadlic eBay listing design on tablet

The Result

Sarah: I now have a Shopify store and eBay listings which look professional and tell my brand story.

Updating my stock is easy because all of my eBay items automatically pull into my Shopify website store.

Everyone I have worked with at Frooition, all the designers and intermediary people have been the kindest, most professional people I have ever encountered online. Respectful, incredibly professional, timely, very responsive. It was a seamless process. I feel so lucky to have found the Frooition team, they were a perfect fit in every way and I got even more than I had hoped for. I truly feel every penny I spent was well worth it!

process. I feel so lucky to have found the Frooition team, they were a perfect fit in every way and I got even more than I had hoped for. I truly feel every penny I spent was well worth it!

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Sarah Kadlic Shopify design in screen

Full View:Sarah Kadlic Shopify design

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